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To establish a continuity from the center of Beylikduzu municipality to the Bosphorus along the valley. The five separate valley parks would merge into a single landscape along the 7.5 km valley.  The urban division caused by the topographic cut of the valley is eased by the dispersion of lower velocity traffic routes. New cultural functions are added to the core of the park to infuse life nodes and needed civic activities such as a university, sports and health centers. The ecological sustainability of the site is focused largely on water treatment, ensuring the urban run off  is not damaging to the ecology at the end of the valley. Multiple systems for water collection, recycling and filtration line the slopes of the park and the additional buildings forming the edge of the park system. The urban interaction zone forms along the border between the city and the valley blending the transition into the park and offering natural connections for the citizens to the newly established functions. A series of bridges connect the sides of the valley, each with a unique identity and functional support.

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