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Expanding the notion of parametric and variable spaces, this exhibition space is merged with the educational functionality of the architecture and design school at TU/E.  The main building is an empty shell with a flexible spine of stair and elevator circulation that is able to adapt floor-plates at 2m intervals at any point in the overall structure. The floor-plates can be placed at these increments either as a full platform made of two slabs, or a single slab creating a double height space for the lower floor.  This flexibility of spatial adaptation enables the school to use these spaces as educational workshop and construction sites able to safely accommodate varied projects. The flexibility means that the display and production of objects can vary in size and amount and can be changed over the course of different semesters. The building provides the administrative, and technical spaces for this trans formative process as the volume outside the primary buildings acts as a permanent crane system to lift the floor-plates and any construction materials to their appropriate level destination. The very act of changing becomes a celebratory event for the campus as this space faces the green courtyard axis of the university design campus. The capacity of the floor area can be doubled, just like the volume of the construction area. This would lead to new innovation of teaching styles and hands on production by the students in architecture, design and engineering.

FLEX TOWER: Projects
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