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The experience of the serene , untaimed wilderness of the Great Kemeri Bog Nature Preserve should be a pristine getaway. The focus needs to be on nature, and all hints of industry should be hidden away. The visitor center acts as a sheltering screen for the parking and the road, it funnels the visitors through its gateway tunnel as a cleansing procession. Emerging on the other side of the passage you are welcomed by a simple fire-pit - the hearth of the camp.  Inspired by the basics of camping, the spaces that bring people together, in comradery .  The visitor center is in  effect an unrolled tent.  The enclosure hints at cozy proximity and the opening gesture reveals the landscape and the camping community within.  From inside the camp ground, the building is hidden away as the grassland folds over it creating an inhabitable hill. The sun washes over the grass, inviting an opportunity for a pick-nick. The opening arms of the pavilion embrace the tent community that congregates here for the pleasure of the primitive. The spaces are organized along a simple procession, providing peace of mind. The functions are split into two wings that can be closed off independently allowing for energy savings and ease of maintenance. The plumbing facilities are independently accessible and all piping is concentrated around that single point.  The education center can double as a special events hall, expanding the potential uses for the facility.  
The materials of construction are simple timber faming and panels, easy to clean, maintain and replace while fitting into the forested context.  The walls are shaped to allow smooth movement of the eyes, gesturing outward, enabling natural flow that would be disrupted by austere orthogonal massing.  There is a spatial suggestion to become comfortable and close to others.  This promotes meeting and conversing with strangers, creating connections, sharing and forming memories to last a lifetime.

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