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An obsolete vehicle maintenance workshop along a growing residential area in need of revitalization.  In cooperation with the university and the city, this vision for the area future involved an open ideas competition for the first stage of the process. The proposed use of the existing rhythm of the workshop bays was divided into diverse social and cultural functions. This cross programming approach was then modified with an extensive residential program linked to the university needs. The final proposal involved the integration of these various housing typologies with the cultural, sports, exhibition and educational programs. The public gate formed over the two segments of the warehouses provided an iconic sheltered plaza for the growing neighbourhood. This bridge works in tandem with the flexible performance and exhibition spaces providing a dynamic venue for multiple ongoing minor events or a singular festival. This conference center joined with the dynamic programming in the cultural bars of the reused workshop provides an immediate and long term future for the area. Each section of the bar has its own unique geometry to match the function. The student housing block links them all together, the variable forms of the program bring the vibrancy to the established courtyard.

MULTI CITY: Projects
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