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                              Architecture is a tapestry of systems.

It intertwines the tangible and ethereal, creating the unavoidable, yet open ended settings for our lives.

It is absolute, yet fluid. The act of architectural design is a process deeply rooted in the physical reality and yet it has no absolute future as our surroundings continuously change.They are changed by us and they change us becoming an integral and permanent player in the human experiment.

This becomes a feedback loop with ripples going through time, touching all generations, cultures, climates and ideologies. This tapestry is ever expanding with the reach of human presence encapsulating our reality and potential. Architecture is the very manifestation of the human condition as we terraform our environment not only to meet our needs, but also to satisfy the desires, the curiosities, the wants. It is an yearning for the answer,


     to the constant question       

                                                           what if   .    .      .

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Aleksandr Karpov       owner / designer

Aleksandr Karpov is a Russian born designer. Having received his MA in Architecture from TU Eindhoven, Netherlands and BA from UNCC in United States, his studies spanned the globe from China to Sweden. After working at Aboutbank architects in Turkey he started his own Netherlands based practice KAD. His experience ranges from multiple award winning competitions to constructed projects. Aleksandr is continuously involved with academic pursuits and explorations of theoretical  and abstract concepts. The developing ideas are given form at many scales, from jewelry and furniture to architectural as well as city-wide master plans. He has been involved in many joint design ventures and collaborations with artists, landscapers and craftsman in a quest to explore and create new and exciting things. Always curious , always asking what if?

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BIM/ Project Management:   Revit

3D Modeling:   Sketchup, Rhino

2D Graphics   Autocad, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Parametric design:   Grasshopper

Rendering / Visualization:   Lumion, Cinema 4D, Vray, Enscape


Fabrication:   3d Concrete Printing, Wood Working, Casting and Form-work

Representation:   Laser Cutting, 3d Printing

Exploration:   Sketching, Watercolour, Painting, Sculpting



2017-        Established KAD in the Netherlands
    KAD clients:

2019  startup as Business Specialist
2019           Dutch Design Week 2019 (Turkey, more then Kebab)
2019           3d Concrete Print Keystone House (TU Eindhoven)
2019-          Blue Lofts, USA
2019            RAFN, Denmark
2018           3d Concrete Print Nijmegen Bridge (TU Eindhoven)
2018           Arches Architects, Netherlands
2018           Corporate Event Planning (Captain Energy)
2017-2018  AbbinkXco Architects in Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017           Plug Office in Istanbul, Turkey
2017           Boom Landscape in Amsterdam, Netherlands


2013-2016      Project Architect/ BIM Manager at Aboutblank

                        Architects in Istanbul, Turkey
2012-2013      Project Manager at RD&D in Charlotte, USA
2008-2010      Teaching/ Design assistant at LIH (Laboratory

                        for Innovative Housing) at UNCC


2017           Winner - International Property Awards, Architecture

                  Multiple Residence, (Aboutblank)
2017           Finalist mention - YAC experiential beer garden

                  competition, (KAD)
2016           Honorable Mention - Beylikduzu Valley of Life Masterplan,

2015            1st place - Eskisehir Vehicle Maintenance Workshop                            Industrial Regeneration, (Aboutblank)
2015           1st mention - Climate Zone 7, National Architecture

                  Competition, (Aboutblank)
2015            3rd place - Beylikdusu Municipality Bridge and Valley

                    Competition, (Aboutblank)
2015            Honorable Mention - Maltepe Gulsuyu Cemevi,

2015         Jury Special Award - Turgut Cansever National Architecture                     Awards, IZKA (Aboutblank)
2014         3rd place - Mehmetkavuk Cami in Malatya, (Aboutblank)
2014            3rd place - Gokceada High School Campus, (Aboutblank)
2014           Honorable Mention - Biskek 2040 Urban Vision and

                  Master Plan, (Aboutblank)
2013             1st place - IZKA, Izmir Development Agency HQ,



Architectural Design:     

Cultural / Recreational / Residential / High-rise Residential / Commercial / Mixed Use / Civic/ Municipal Administration / Small Business Unfit / Exhibition / Master Planning / Landscape

Object/ Idea Design:   

Furniture, Products , Jewelry , Games , Illustration, Art, Sculpture, Logo / Brand Identity Development


2019         Under construction - Villa development, Copenhagen

2019         Under construction - Victory Office Renovation California,

                  USA (KAD)
2019         Under construction - Yakacik residential high-rise complex,                   Istanbul (Aboutblank)
2018         Royal Garden Kartal residential high-rise complex,Istanbul                   (Aboutblank)
2017         Under construction - Housing De Krijgsman Muiden,                            Netherlands, (AbbinkXco)
2017         Sky Blue residential high-rise,Istanbul (Aboutblank)
2017         Captains Quarters Remodel,Istanbul (Aboutblank)
2016         Cekmekoy High School in Istanbul, Turkey, (Aboutblank)
2013         Multiple small business up-fits in the Charlotte area, USA,



Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Architecture

2007-2013  University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

2009           Summer study in China

2010           Summer study in Italy

2010-2011  International exchange at Lund University, Sweden

2017-2019  Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands

2018           Materiart Workshop in Ankara, Turkey


Topics of interest :    

Human Nature, Individualism in Society, Form and Potential, Balance between Environment and Mind, Objective Evaluation, Impact of Geography on Behavior and Culture, Economics of Sustainability. Spatial Efficiency and Perception . . .

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