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A social housing proposal for a newly expanding area of Corlu. The developable area is part of a larger master plan with preset zones for various recreational and social activities. The proposal is to maximize the open park space and minimize the construction zone. A single line of housing is stretched around the site perimeter. A ground plinth of commercial and social functions supports the residences above. External public plazas are established in connection to social functions like sports and education. The inside courtyard becomes a singular, dynamic, sheltered park for the residents. The housing edge becomes a barrier between the natural park and the emerging city. Residential block typologies are based on tunnel mold construction alternating between 5 modular typologies. A mixture between individual and large family residences is established to ensure dynamic demographics for the area. An open framing element is added to the continuous massing as a point to highlight the circulation cores and access ports to the housing units as well as the passages to the park. This provides a sheltered outdoor zone along the residential barrier and adds a transparency to this park edge. The inside of the park itself is broken up into zones. The areas closest to the houses is for private garden plots, the inner zone is a wild park with trees and playground pavilions. All vehicular circulation is limited to the outer edge of the housing edge, minimizing the necessary infrastructure to support this community.

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