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The zone between the river and high-way is developed as a community park, with cultural and educational buildings along its edge, beginning with the municipal office. A new residential plan establishes a medium density neighborhood with courtyard housing typology connecting the park to the existing city fabric. A central square with an old mosque becomes an anchor of the newly established park, preserving the old for the new. The municipal office itself is developed along the logic of a dividing cell. As office functions recede from public to private, each department is formed around its own courtyard, linking into a single atrium. The atrium axis continues directly into the park flowing along the river. The facade system is made of a modular prefabricated set of panels that provide solar shading and a sound barrier from the nearby highway. The atrium acts as a passive cooling system for the building, creating a constant breeze throughout the office block.

growingcell 1.jpg
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